We are searching for a content writer to produce at least 3 articles (e.g., blog posts) each month that relate to DIY project ideas, home improvement, renovations, as well as painting and interior design. Occasionally, we can offer other types of content projects, such as writing social media posts or newsletter copy for home reno & construction stores.


For articles, we are looking for a variety of article formats and lengths, for example:

  • Top-N Articles (e.g., "Top 10 areas to renovate in your house" or “Top 7 things to do to get your yard ready for summer”)
  • How-to’s, Instructions, and Tips (e.g., "How to DIY a bookcase from leftover lumber")
  • Guides (e.g., "A complete guide to power tools for your DIY projects")
  • Other formats

All content needs to be human-written (i.e., not AI-generated). However, AI can be used for research.

The number of articles written each month might fluctuate between 3 and 8, based on your availability.


A monthly content calendar with article topics will be available from which to choose article topics. Content is seasonal and must follow the calendar. Social media audiences should be kept in mind when writing the articles.

Three articles must be ready two months before the month the content will be published (by us). Articles are written specifically for the web, use subheadings and lists where appropriate, and be between 600 and 1,000 words each.


Compensation for each article (based on word counts, in CAD):

  • 600-699 words - $45.00 per article
  • 700-799 - $50.00
  • 800-899 - $55.00
  • 900-1,000 - $60.00

For other content projects (non-articles), the rate will be provided with the request.

You will upload all finished content to a provided Google Drive folder for our review. Included in the fee for each article are (up to) two rounds of edits. Subsequent sets of changes would be extra.


This position is a freelance contract, not an employment position. If interested, email us at e2eae6218HKK0_7g1KBrBdvKOKHeKBi1DO| with your writing examples.


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